Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

OUT NOW: Group Niob - vector/amber 12" (phlox002)

a: vector
b: amber

Further dubwise electronic tidings from Vienna
Phlox, our pioneers on the intriguing Viennese dubs frontier, return with this their second outing on wax - Group Niob the collaborative work of both label heads Gerhard Potuznik and Martin Sovinz.
'Vector' continues further with exploratory mining into the oneforty bpm dubbed into technoid seam - its low end is devious and drills itself clean inside the synapses, mirages of dub cascading either side.
'Amber' works the deep small hours in the club most effectively - shunting and writhing within a dub organism which appears to throw its immaculate shapes to the four corners - heavy and grooving, ideal for smoke-machined basements and strobed warehouse interactions. Fans of everything from Scuba and Seldom Felt to technological Iration movements should check without delay..." Baked Goods

Available now.

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

OUT NOW: GDX - Consistency PHLOX004dig

GDX - Consistency
01 Over And Done
02 Cabin feat. Dibek
03 Be Mine
04 Castaway

Deep neuro-garage soul from Gerhard Potuznik aka GDX with four tracks of lush future electronics. "Consistency" is a glorious swoon of synth pads, skittering electro-step percussion and droning subbass pressure. this ep continues the moody athmospheres and dub chord driven steppers from last years "Destiny ep". an absolute must for fans of Synkro, Indigo or Burial


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Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

OUT NOW! AURA ANTHROPICA - Morketiden PHLOX003digital

AURA ANTHROPICA - Morketiden ep
01 Amplifolia
02 Avendsii
03 Uvularia
04 Subulata

Digi-sharp, tough electronic steppers from Austria thanks to the veteran producer Hans Platzgumer and his Aura Anthropica pseudonym, an alias that has lain dormant for over ten years. Revived and dropping on Phlox records, this is cold, strange and weirdly funky music on the downbeat.
zero inch

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