Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

OUT NOW: Group Niob - vector/amber 12" (phlox002)

a: vector
b: amber

Further dubwise electronic tidings from Vienna
Phlox, our pioneers on the intriguing Viennese dubs frontier, return with this their second outing on wax - Group Niob the collaborative work of both label heads Gerhard Potuznik and Martin Sovinz.
'Vector' continues further with exploratory mining into the oneforty bpm dubbed into technoid seam - its low end is devious and drills itself clean inside the synapses, mirages of dub cascading either side.
'Amber' works the deep small hours in the club most effectively - shunting and writhing within a dub organism which appears to throw its immaculate shapes to the four corners - heavy and grooving, ideal for smoke-machined basements and strobed warehouse interactions. Fans of everything from Scuba and Seldom Felt to technological Iration movements should check without delay..." Baked Goods

Available now.