Sonntag, 6. September 2009

PHLOX 002digital

Destiny e.p.

01 "Destiny"
02 "The Variable"
03 "Subtract" (Bleep exclusive)

Gerhard Potuznik has never been one for the auditory conventional. Thankfully under his GDX guise and with the freedom of Phlox’s lack of jurisprudence he can communicate here with immunity. The trouble with enforcing order is that it doesn’t allow freedom, yeah? Prima labels like Warp records have known about this for decades. Phlox like the philosophy and flower in the absence of servitude also.

The Destiny EP contains three impressive jacks from the man and emanates much of the good groove. Two step composites and some crossbreeding make this a most interesting outing. Genetically dissimilar to what’s out there but you’ll get the picture and find your footing no doubt.

Destiny with the mandatory female fling fires up the first and does a great job of syncopating the peculiar. Shadowy pads flavour for the very late night. The track wants to move into darkness but keeps enough light making this an unconventional and very improper love song. Think Goldie in his heyday and it all makes sense.

Variable hits the spot immediately with transient waves and a strong pulse. Drums expand and contract rhythmically and the atmospherical and phantasmagoric surroundings aid the slick kicks. Proper little mind trip I’d say.

Subtract is the darkest from the outset. Kicks once again fly all over the place as the pursuing narrative by Rudegertrude gets to work doing her thing while looking to avoid the loose and wild all around her. Squidgy space guns she must avoid too. Damn, why didn’t they have music like this when I was playing Space Invaders in the seventies?

Mixed origin music for a mixed origin youth I could say. Experimental in places but then again anything that ever turned out good or decent once started life as an experiment, yeah? Destiny EP is a great introduction into the light and dark world of Gerhard Potuznik and the new breed of Austrian beat mechanics who just happen to choose to differ. Big ups to them from a proper old timer like me.
Alan Brown, Soul Seduction, Vienna

phlox002. GDX - destiny ep. digital format. available soon. by Phlox